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Bat Removal in Zionsville, IN

Have you been hearing squeaking noises or scratching in your attic? Is there a noticeable smell of ammonia or urine? While bats are fascinating creatures, having them take up residence in your Zionsville home is undesirable. Their feces can carry transmittable diseases, posing significant health risks for you and your family. Moreover, bats can cause permanent damage to your home, making it essential to address the situation promptly and ensure they are not living within your living space.

We are here to help you deal with your bat removal in Zionsville issue once and for all. We will not only remove bats from your home but make sure that they don’t come back!

Why Should You Remove Bats?

Bats are amazing creatures. In fact, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, bats consume about 1,200 mosquito-sized insects an hour making them a great eliminator of pests. They are also an essential presence for a healthy ecosystem by dispersing seeds, pollinating plants, and keeping down the population of invasive species. However, they don’t belong in your home. When bats move into your home, it is not only like something out of a haunted mansion but may cause some of these serious issues:

  • Risk of rabies: Bats commonly carry rabies, which can be transmitted by bites, scratches, or handling them.
  • Undesirable allergies: Bats often create allergies to sensitive groups who may also be allergic to cats and dogs.
  • Damage to your home: Bat droppings, known as guano, can cause significant structural damage to your house by eating away at wood and other building materials around your home.
  • Risk of histoplasmosis: Bat guano creates a fungus that can cause fever, cough, and fatigue which can last for weeks or even months.
  • Unpleasant odor: Feces from bats can cause a noticeable and unpleasant ammonia smell.

Dealing with A Zionsville Bat Issue

Addressing Zionsville bat issues as soon as you suspect them is crucial. Within a short period, a small number of brown bats can quickly multiply into hundreds, resulting in substantial guano accumulation, physical damage, health concerns, and permanent harm to your home. While some residents in Zionsville have had limited success with DIY bat removal, they often find themselves repeating the process as the problem returns. It’s essential to note that the extermination of bats is illegal in Indiana.

To ensure proper and legal bat removal, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance. Our team is equipped with the expertise and experience to handle bat issues effectively and ensure your home remains bat-free.

Professional Zionsville Bat Removal

In Indiana, bat pesticides and extermination are illegal, which means that we use a professional method called exclusion. The concept of exclusion is that we seal entry points for bats while not allowing them to re-enter. While this seems like an easy solution, it must be done at the appropriate time. Most bats are considered endangered in Indiana, which means that we want to make sure we don’t interfere with reproduction. From May through August, a bat can give birth and while the mother can leave, the pups can’t. To prevent trapping young bats, the exclusion must be done either in the spring, prior to birth or after the young bats can fly in early autumn.

Methods of Exclusion

  • Identify and Fortify Entry Points: The first step in eliminating your bat problem is to identify the main entry points. Once we identify these points, we will install one-way doors.
  • Inspect and Clean Affected Areas: Once the bats have left your home for good, they will have left behind a smelly and unsightly mess. We will wear gear to protect us from dust and disease while we quickly vacuum up what is left behind.
  • Seal Gaps and Holes: Our next step is to eliminate any gaps or holes in your house which could allow for a future infestation. Bats can squeeze through an opening as small as 1 inch by 3/8 inches, so every possible entry point must be caulked using a silicone caulk which is durable and has a clean look as it dries.
  • Enzyme Deodorizers: Even when your bats have left for good, their strong smell may stay behind—especially when they’ve gotten into old insulation. Once everything is properly clean we will use an odor remover to digest the source of the odor. This not only removes the smell but also the musk which will draw bats back year after year if not properly eliminated.
  • Restore Insulation: In the aftermath of bats, parts of your insulation may need to be replaced. In addition, some wood or structural damage may need to be repaired. We will make sure your home is fully recovered from your bat problem and better than ever.

If you suspect you have a bat issue in Zionsville, IN, we have the expertise and are ready to help. Contact Nuisance Wildlife Services today.

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