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Raccoon Removal in Indianapolis, IN

Raccoons sure can be cute, with black markings around their eyes which look like “bandit masks” and hands that can open latches and doors, however, they sure can be naughty too! We love raccoons for their intelligence, agility, and curious nature, but this can make them difficult to get rid of when you find that you are living just a little too close. 

Raccoons play an important part in our ecosystem, by eating just about anything from berries and seeds which they distribute far and wide to cleaning up carrion (dead animal carcasses) which keeps things cleaner for all of us. Still, when raccoons decide to move in next door, these clever creatures seem to get into everything. You’ll find them digging through your garbage, ripping up your lawn, causing damage to your home, breaking in, and potentially spreading disease to you, your family, and your household pets.

Raccoons will often enter a home in search of food or a safe place to give birth, and once they do—we recommend that you contact us to get rid of them. Taking matters into your own hands can be dangerous.

Keeping Indianapolis Racoons Away

Once raccoons get into your home, they can be hard to get rid of. This is why prevention is key. Here are some preventative things you can do to keep raccoons from entering and nesting you’re your home in the first place:

  • Make sure your trash cans are securely closed to keep raccoons away.
  • Install wire mesh in your attics and crawl spaces to prevent raccoons from nesting.
  • Be diligent to remove any possible food sources such as pet food, compost piles, and access to trash.
  • Treat your lawn to remove grubs.
  • Install motion-detecting lights 

While these methods can help to keep raccoons away, these critters can be persistent, and you may find that they find their way into your home anyway. If this happens it is time to contact us at Nuisance Wildlife Management.

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    Signs you Have Racoons in Indianapolis, IN

    You may not see raccoons for a while as these animals are primarily nocturnal. However, they range from two to three feet long and can grow anywhere from ten to thirty pounds in weight. You’ll know them by their black “masks” on their faces, ringed tails, small, rounded ears, and furry coats of gray black or brown fur. Signs of raccoons include tracks in the soil, piles of nesting materials, scat (droppings), claw marks on your property, and regular nighttime noises of snarls, high-pitched sounds, hisses, or chattering. You may wake up to find your trash cans spilled over leaving behind smelly and unsightly messes. If you hear them in your attic, crawl space, walls, or other areas you may think you can get rid of them yourself, however, we don’t recommend this as a safe option.

    Getting Rid of Raccoons on Your Indianapolis Property

    Once raccoons are on your Indianapolis property, removal is a job best left to professionals. You should not take action on your own against a raccoon infestation, as these creatures are not only intelligent but can be very aggressive when threatened. This can especially be the case if a mother is present, determined to protect her newborns. A bite from a raccoon can mean rabies, salmonella, leptospirosis, and raccoon roundworm—all of which can be unpleasant and dangerous.

    Trapping is the best method of removal when it comes to raccoons, but then comes the task of making sure they don’t return and repairing the damage they’ve done. Not only will we safely remove raccoons from your home to a more suitable habitat but will create a system to make sure that they don’t come back. With years of expertise, once we are done, you won’t be able to tell a raccoon ever took up residence in your home.

    Will Raccoons Go Away on Their Own?

    If you are finding signs of raccoons in Indianapolis or even seeing them in the early morning or hearing them through the night, it’s unlikely that they will just leave on their own. We recommend doing what you can to remove easy sources of food, however, it’s likely they’ll stay around if not removed. The best option for removal is a method called exclusion which seals up holes and entry points in your home and creates ways for them to leave without returning. We have years of experience with trapping, exclusion, and raccoon removal. Don’t hesitate to contact us today at Nuisance Wildlife Services in Zionsville for a consultation and estimate.

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