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Do you need raccoon removal services in Zionsville?

Raccoons are incredibly intelligent and inquisitive creatures. With their cute appearance, resembling dog-sized animals, they sport bushy ringed tails and distinctive masked faces. These clever animals produce a variety of intriguing sounds, from coos and chirps to chatters and purrs, among others that are difficult to put into words.

How to Know if You Need Zionsville Raccoon Removal Services

You can usually tell a raccoon has been on your property by their tracks. Their front paw prints resemble human hands and their weight is shifted forward on the prints. Raccoons love sweet corn and are known to peel back the husk before consuming. Stalks may also be broken along their climb. They are known to damage turf when seeking earthworms and foods. Raccoons prefer to den in hollow trees, barns, under sheds and porches, and in chimneys or attics.

Raccoons frequently raid garbage cans outside of homes throughout Zionsville and sometimes, they do much worse than that. Drawn by the promise of a dark, warm refuge, raccoons will claw their way into your attic to build a nest, destroying everything in their path to do so. If you don’t hear them bumping around in the night, you’ll smell the foul stench of their urine and droppings soon enough.

Raccoons are exceptional climbers and possess the ability to create sizable openings in structures, allowing them to access food or establish their nesting grounds. They have a year-round mating season and usually give birth to 3-5 offspring each year. Mother raccoons are highly protective of their young, so it’s crucial to avoid getting in between them.

Beware of raccoon bites or scratches, as they can lead to serious consequences and pose a risk of transmitting diseases. Notably, incidents of rabies in raccoons have seen a significant increase compared to other species. It’s essential to exercise caution and seek professional assistance if dealing with raccoon-related issues to ensure the safety of both humans and wildlife.

Raccoon removal is difficult because these spunky pests tend to put up a fight, and there’s always the risk that they might be rabid. Rather than put yourself at risk, turn to Zionsville’s most trusted raccoon control company.

Effective Zionsville Raccoon Control

If raccoons have made themselves at home on your property in Zionsville, Nuisance Wildlife Services will perform an inspection to identify their entry points, numbers and nesting areas. Our technicians will install baited traps around your home to catch and remove the raccoons in a humane manner.

After raccoon removal in Zionsville, our crew will follow up by applying exclusion barriers to your Zionsville home so they can never break in again. We can also remediate your property by cleaning up raccoon nests and waste, preventing the spread of bacteria and parasites.

Never let a raccoon establish itself inside your home and create an unsanitary mess. Contact Nuisance Wildlife Services today for the best raccoon removal services in Zionsville!

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