Squirrel Removal Indianapolis

Squirrel Removal in Indianapolis, IN

Squirrels sure can be cute with their bushy tails and slapstick antics, as they jump from branch to branch or tightrope walk across wires. However, when these neighborhood rodents grow in population, they can become a serious nuisance. Many people don’t typically think of squirrels as pests, but if you love to garden or are an avid bird watcher you may find that it is time to send them elsewhere. 

The Problem with Squirrels in Indianapolis

If you love to watch the birds from your window as they congregate around your bird feeder, you may find that squirrels in Indianapolis commonly dominate the scene, creating a mess and scaring birds away. As for garden lovers, during times of year when food is scarce you may find them chewing through bark on trees and killing beloved and expensive young trees. In the spring it seems they can dig up crops bulbs and flowers you’ve spent time and money almost as fast as you’ve planted them!

The problem of Indianapolis squirrels can get even worse when they enter your home or garage, seeking to build nests, chewing openings through siding and beneath eaves and creating the need for costly repairs. In addition, you may find that they have entered your home through unscreened chimneys and vents, or your attic, building nests and causing damage. Most of the time, when you approach squirrels, they’ll run away. However, if they feel trapped, squirrels have been known to attack children, pets, and even adults.

Ways to Keep Squirrels Away in Indianapolis

Squirrels are an important part of our ecosystem, often dispersing seed and limiting the growth of invasive plants. They often bury seeds as a snack for later only to forget them—which in turn cultivates plants. In addition, they serve as a snack for hunting predators which are key in a healthy ecosystem. However, if they are bothering you in your yard by digging up your garden and scaring the birds away, the best method is prevention. Here are some things you can do to keep squirrels out of your yard.

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    Limit Food Sources: Squirrels love nuts, berries, so one way to keep them away is by choosing plants which won’t provide a food source. For those of us who love to set up bird feeders, choose one that is squirrel proof. 

    In the garden you can keep squirrels away from your crops by setting up dense chicken wire that reaches at least 30 inches high. You can provide additional protection, by burring the fence below your crop by another 6 inches to reduce the chances of burrowing. With diligence, you can at least make sure that squirrels move away from your yard and on to another property.

    Limit Shelter: Squirrels love large shade trees, so if your goal is to lessen the instances of squirrels in your yard try planting a yard which is more of a prairie or meadow style. Removing dense trees can encourage squirrels to go elsewhere.

    Scent Repellents: If squirrels and other pests are ruining your summer garden crops, most nurseries offer scent repellents to safely keep them away from your bellowed tomatoes and tubers. These often need to be reapplied after a rain shower as they come in a spray form and emulate the smell of predators such as foxes, bobcats, or coyotes.

    Introduce Faux Predators: Much like a scarecrow, by installing a fake snake, owl, or fox in your garden, you may trick squirrels from steering clear of your garden or yard.

    Encourage Natural Predators: If you notice a hawk, owl or snake take up residence in your yard, it may be wise to encourage it to stay around. Squirrels and other garden pests will certainly steer clear!

    Keeping Squirrels Away

    The best way to keep squirrels out of your yard is by eliminating things they need such as food, shelter and water. You may be tempted to poison squirrels, but we caution against this. While you can kill squirrels with rodenticides used for inside pests, like rats or mice, this can have a serious impact on the ecosystem. Squirrels are an essential part of the food chain and a poisoned rat will also poison predators such as owls, hawks, other birds of prey, as well as foxes and coyotes. 

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    If you’ve tried everything and you still can’t get rid of your squirrel problem, we are here to help. We can help trap and remove squirrels and come up with solutions to eliminate the issue of your specific yard. We won’t be able to eradicate squirrels from your home but we have many ways to make sure they most often go somewhere else so you can enjoy your garden in peace. Contact us today for a consultation!

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