Rats and Mice

Rats and Mice Infestation

Mice, such as the Florida Mouse (Podomys floridanus) are prevalent; however, rats are far more prevalent. Rat populations are plentiful in Northern Florida and Southern Alabama. They inhabit areas near humans due to the ease-of-accessibility to food and water sources, such as garbage, bird/squirrel feeders, and yard ponds. Rats are omnivorous, eating nearly anything with preference of grain-based foods.  Rats can easily enter most homes and businesses by squeezing through tiny structural entry points. Minor rat colonies can quickly escalate to infestation due to their constant breeding, large litters, and early reproduction capabilities. A handful of rats can quickly develop into hundreds within months and approach thousands after a year.  Rats are mostly active at night and commonly gnaw through drywall and wood to access food supplies. They can also nest and chew through wiring, ductwork, and insulation in walls and attics. Their feces and urine droppings create contamination that can develop a long list of parasites, pathogens, and diseases. Common species of rats are the brown Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus), black “roof” rats (Rattus rattus), and Florida woodrats (Neotoma floridana). The difference between rat and mice species can be identified by their size, color, characteristics, and size of droppings. 

The Florida Mouse typically grows to 7-inches and is brown and orange in color. 

The brown Norway rat grows up to 20 inches with an equal-sized body and tail. Their fur is course and typically grey or brown in color. 

Black rats are similar to Norway rats, but smaller, growing to 5-7 inches and prefer to enter, inhabit, and exit attics and rooftops. 

Florida woodrats grow up to 15-inch bodies, plus another 6-8-inch tails, and have soft-grey/brown fur. 

Rat and mice fur is greasy and create traces of smell which can attract additional populations to homes and businesses. 

Initially contacted NuisanceWildlifeServices for removal of a decomposing 20 pound possum. Service was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and efficient. Impressed enough to contract for their exclusion service. Excellent work. Would recommend to anyone seeking these services.Christi HardinJuly 24, 2020
I would highly recommend this company when I called they came out that same day they were very professional very trustworthy and help me get rid of my problem thank you so much Dustin Phil & Shane. I give you all 10 StarsDarla SmithJuly 13, 2020
We had an issue with Armadillos. We called Niusance Wilflife Service and Dustin came right out and set the traps. They set more traps within a few days and we started catching them. Finally after trapping seven Armadillos and a huge Opossum, that seemed to do the trick. They were professional and responded quickly to our calls. The fee was reasonable and was a set amount and they hung in until the traps stayed empty for days. Need critters removed, call Nuisance Wildlife Service!wilson scottJuly 10, 2020
Phil was wonderful each time he came to our home. We had several racoon issues and he was able to resolve each time. The company does care for their customers and the wildlife creating the problem. I will always call them for future needs. Thanks to Phil, Dustin, and James. You are the best!Virginia WillardJuly 10, 2020
We called about a possum that took up residency in our backyard. We needed it gone because of our small Yorkie-Poo. They came out in twenty minutes and humanely trapped it. The gentleman on the phone and guy that came out were friendly and professional. Cost to remove was worth it. Would definitely recommend them to anyone.MARIA MoultrieJuly 8, 2020
I was pleased with the quick response to my wildlife issue and will reach out to them again if any more issues arise.Tracy JohnsJuly 6, 2020
Here’s why I like Dustin and his people. They take this critter-catching thing personally. If they owned and lived in my house, they couldn’t have worked any harder getting it wrapped up tight. I actually had to catch myself a couple of times from saying, “oh, you don’t have to do that.” They did it. And more. Stuff I would have never found and never known about, they repaired. They even anticipated places tree rats may someday take a liking to and reinforced them also. They caught and humanely relocated a raccoon and a possum. The big rat that had been harassing us, alas, did not fare as well. He won’t be missed. They did all this with courtesy and good humor. Don’t waste time with any other company. Hire these people.Dennis HesslerMay 8, 2020
My experience has been 1st class. Genuine people that are very knowledgeable in their profession. They continue to provide great service throughout the duration of the job no matter how long it may take to complete.J RogersMay 5, 2020
Absolutely the best... They are very responsive and extremely professional ... They are also very caring and are concerned about the welfare of the wildlife that they safely trap and humanely release ... They truly are the best!!! I most highly recommend them to take care of your nuisance wildlife issues .Norm BeebeApril 25, 2020
Dustin and his team were very professional and personable as well, telling me exactly what to expect getting the family of squirrels out of my attic, and how to prevent others from returning. Also very humane in their treatment and relocation. All went exactly as predicted, excellent job! From our conversations, I found that these are people who know and appreciate wildlife in general, and know what to do when it shows up where we don't necessarily want it. I can gladly recommend them!Jeff HackmanApril 4, 2020

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