Squirrels typically inhabit trees or homes during the night and forage for food on the ground during the daytime. 

They typically eat nuts, seeds, and berries, and store them for later use in the nests they build. Squirrels are known to churr, squeal, and even bark. You can usually tell a squirrel has been on your property by their gnawing, prints, and scratches on fence tops.  

Squirrels love birdfeeders and trees that lead to building like a home or business. They like to breed in attics, and their presence is noisy due to chasing. Squirrels will create multiple fist-sized entry points into buildings so they can escape easily. 

Females give birth to about 3 young per litter and can breed up to twice per year. If you remove a female from their breeding place, another female will usually come claim the upgrade quickly. 

There are three primary species of squirrels native to Northern Florida and Southern Alabama:  Easter grey squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis), Fox squirrels (Sciurus niger), and the Southern flying squirrel (Glaucomys volans). 

Easter grey squirrels have grey/brown fur on their bodies, lighter bellies, and shiny silver tails. They grow to be about 20 inches in length. 

Fox squirrels are bigger than Easter grey squirrels, growing up to 28-30 inches in length. They have long bushy tails and vary in color from dark yellow, brown, grey, or even black. 

Southern flying squirrels are large like the Fox squirrel but are noted by their webbed arms and legs enabling the animal to glide in the air.  They have dark colors on their sides, light bellies, and grey/brown backs. 

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