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DIY pest control vs. hiring a pest control company: What’s the difference?

No one wants to share their home with animals’ insects and bugs from the outside. If you’ve discovered that you have pests in your home, there is no doubt you’ll want them out as soon as possible. The longer they are there the more potential damage they will wreak on your home. Whether you have mice, rats, racoons, termites, cockroaches, or any other kind of critter who thinks it’s a good idea to move in, you may think you’ll be saving money by getting them out on your own.

There are plenty of DIY options out there, but in truth, they are no match for a professional. Let’s explore the difference you’ll get when you invest in us to get rid of whatever pest thinks they can move into your home.

When to Try DIY Pest Control

DIY for those who don’t know how to do it yourself. For a minor issue like the spotting just a few insects, or one or two mice you may try a DIY method such as traps or sprinkling diatomaceous earth around your home. That might just be enough to get rid of the occasional pest. However, this issue with most DIY home treatments that you get online or at your local store is that they don’t address the root of the problem. Investing in our professional services means we are not only dealing with the immediate threat but dealing with the reason they decided to move into your home in the first place, whether it may be a potential opening in your home or something else which draws them there.

Even in instances where a can of store bought spray does the trick, it rarely takes just one treatment. Aside from being toxic, requiring masks and protective clothing, the cost of DIY sprays can end up being inflated. In the end you may end up saving more money hiring us to take care of your infestation.

Investing in Professional Knowledge of Pest Control

You can google all you want but in truth, we’ve been in the business of getting rid of pests and critters from people’s home’s just like yours for a long time. When you hire us, you are hiring people with experience and that goes a long way! You may think you’ll save money taking care of these issues on your own but getting rid of pests can have a steep learning curve. All too often home pest treatments add up with less than satisfying results. We recommend saving time, energy and money by going to the professionals first.
We not only use high-potency pesticides that the average consumer can’t access but we know which ones will work for your home. We also know exactly where to apply pesticides to get to the heart of nests, and hives. All too often people think they’ve found the source of their critter problem, only to discover the root goes much deeper.

Thorough Inspections

When you invest in our services, we will perform a thorough inspection of your entire home from the attic, basement, crawlspace and everywhere in between. We also are trained in finding entry points in your home to prevent the issue from starting over again. We know exactly what to look for in order to determine what’s causing your pest problem in the first place. In addition, when investing in our services we also ensure that the issue won’t happen again by scheduling regular inspections to keep your infestation from occurring again. While your DIY treatment may have you running back to treat again and again, our services come with a warranty and an assurance that the problem will get solved. 

Nuisance Wildlife Services

We at Nuisance Wildlife Services know you live a busy life. Don’t try to take the issue all by yourself! We are here to help. Whether it’s cockroaches, ants, bed bugs or rodents, with our professional pest control services you’ll experience faster and more effective results than anything you could try on your own. Rest with peace of mind that you’ll have your home back to yourself and your family in no time. If you are having a pest issue that’s keeping you up at night, don’t hesitate to visit our website and contact us today for a free estimate today to get rid of your pest issue once and for all.

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