Do you Need Pest Control All Year Round?

Do you Need Pest Control All Year Round?

Summertime is in full swing and this means you are probably enjoying time outside and long hot days. It may also mean you are probably noticing more bugs, rodents, and pests now than any other season. You may spot them while out hiking or hanging in your backyard, perhaps even having to reach for bug spray at times. It’s also not uncommon to see them invading your home. Ants march in trails to any food scraps you haven’t meticulously put away and mice may chew through storage containers in your cupboard. At Nuisance Wildlife Services, this is always our busiest time of year, when all the pests are out causing a commotion. However, our clients are often surprised to discover that pest control is actually a year-round operation.

You Love Your Home and So Do They!

You love your home for its cozy feel, its temperature control and delicious foods prepared right in your inviting kitchen. Think about it– many pests aren’t going to just head out for winter if they have a cozy dry place to live and rest, complete with food and water sources. If you have pests, it may not even be your fault. It  doesn’t matter how clean you keep your house. You enjoy the shelter of your home and so do they. You may not even know it, but tons of insects often hide in a home, evading detection. Pests hiding in your home can include ants, spiders, roaches, silverfish, mice, rats, opossums, racoons, and so much more!

Out-Of-Sight, Out-Of-Mind, Out of Control

It may alarm you to know that scientists identified that most homeowners share it with at least 32 and as many as 211 different species of arthropods. You may live with them for years, not realizing how large the problem has become until you suddenly feel surrounded. While you may be able to fight them back in the warm months when pests are the boldest, all too often people make the critical mistake of lapsing on pest control during the winter. They may think that cold weather makes it no longer necessary because the problem is out of sight. However, lapsing on year-round pest control can cause an infestation to rapidly escalate out of control!

Year-Round Pest Control

The cold months are far off which may come as a relief for those enjoying the warm hazy lazy days of summer. However, even now, in the face of the most obvious presence of most pests, it is important to plan year-round treatments for the entire year. Scheduling year-round treatments now ensures that you won’t have to meet the insects or rodents at the start of the next year.

Year-Round Pest Control Is Peace of Mind

Our home for most of us is the most important investment we will ever make. It means security and comfort not only for you but for your family and friends. However, it is important to take measures all year long to ensure that pests move out and stay out! Investing in a regular scheduled pest extermination schedule can keep a potential bug or rodent issue from reaching the point where they cause expensive or permanent damage to your home and property. Not only are you protecting your house, but you are safeguarding the health of you and your family from dangerous parasites and diseases. Put this way, it is an incredibly  important investment as a homeowner.

Nuisance Wildlife Services

Many people see a bug, insect or a mouse and they think they can deal with the issue themselves with the use of a few traps or sprays. However, in truth, pest management is much more than that. We at Nuisance Wildlife Services understand the patterns and habits of all common pests and have knowledge and experience in how to not only deal with the issue but to make sure that they don’t come back again. We have the equipment and expertise to locate and penetrate a nest buried deep underneath the house or within your walls and eliminate it for good. We can set up your home with seasonal treatments to make sure they don’t come back. Contact us today to set up a consultation and say goodbye to your uninvited guests once and for all!

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