Ways to Save Energy in Your Home

Ways to Save Energy in Your Home

If you’re wondering why we here at Nuisance Wildlife Services care about your energy bill – well, it turns out that the same leaks and gaps in your home that can let in hot damp air and make your AC run all day can also let in wildlife! Here are a few tips to keep your energy bills lower – and the number of critters and rodents as well!

Weatherstrip your doors and windows

It’s wild just how much hot air seeps through the tiniest of cracks. Even with the AC on full blast, a pervasive flow of air from under a door or window can still bring in moisture and warmth you’re trying to avoid and make your energy bill skyrocket. Weatherstripping is fairly easy to install and can be done in less than an hour. Find licensed contractors in your area or challenge yourself to install it yourself. There are many online tutorials to walk you through it.

Switch to a smart thermostat

There is no need to keep the house super chilly when you’re sleeping or away, but you still want to make sure your house doesn’t get too damp or moist. Moisture and dampness can draw critters and wildlife that you want to avoid.

Most thermostats come with a programable option to automatically adjust temperatures whether you’re away for a short trip or closing up the house for the season. Program it to turn up again just a little before you wake or return home, so the house is cooler for you. If your thermostat has not been updated this season could be the one! 

Don’t block your air vents

If you have a lot of indoor plants or the sudden urge to rearrange a bunch of your furniture, be mindful of the air vents in your home. The couch might just work great in a new spot but if it’s blocking the AC vent you won’t be getting the most out of your system. Blocked vents increase air pressure in your ductwork, which can cause cracks and leaks throughout. This could leave vulnerabilities for critters to enter or nest. If it seems there is nowhere else to put a piece of furniture you may want to invest in a cost-effective vent extender to direct air out into the room.

Adjust your water heater’s temperature

You may not have given it a thought before, but an old water heater is just not as energy efficient as current models. You may be surprised to find that the amount which new water heaters offer can pay for themselves. To increase energy efficiency, you may also want to try insulating your water heater with a water heater blanket with helps keep the heat in and reduces the frequency of use of the heating element.

Nuisance Wildlife Services is Here to Fill in the Gaps!

Taking care of your home, including the systems that deliver utilities, can help prevent the prevalence of these critters.

Even so, we know that living in the Pensacola area brings a number of different pests. Nuisance Wildlife Services comprises a reliable and knowledgeable team of certified wildlife removal professionals. We are dedicated to ensuring the safe, effective, and humane treatment of animals from residential and commercial properties without causing any harm or discomfort to anyone involved.

For those of you living in the cold of Indiana, Nuisance Wildlife Services also provides responsible removal. The same energy tips above apply to your house in Indiana as well, except think about it in terms of heating for the winter as well as air conditioning for the summer. The same ducts and spaces, when in disrepair, can open the door to unwanted guests.

Whether in Florida or Indiana, if you’re looking for a safe and responsible solution, contact us today!

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